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 Target Evolution was established in 2011, and our founding team has a combined total of 125 years of experience in nonprofits, education, and entrepreneurship.

To date, we  have had over 400 teens in Dallas and Houston enroll in the Teen Biz Camp program, and are currently expanding to the Austin area, and throughout Texas. 

We collaborate with entities in the local communities we serve to provide on-site training sessions and field trips guaranteeing an engaging and rewarding experience for teens!


Our unique methodology is called LEAR, which stands for Learn, Earn, Apply, & Reward. Our strategy includes real world entrepreneurial training, tools to start a business, mentoring, and field trips. Teens who complete our program begin earning money with their own small business upon successful completion, but most teens begin earning money in as little as 30 days.


Our curriculum and textbook include Lean Startup and are focused on teaching the basic fundamentals of cultivating the entrepreneurial mindset to business ethics and financial literacy, as well as, public speaking, event planning, and networking. We teach the fundamental skills necessary to be successful in a small business, and then provide a safe environment for the teens to practice what they've learned and earn money.

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Success Story

Meet Alexis

Alexis is 16 years old and has her own         t-shirt business, Beautifully Flawed! 

Beautifully Flawed

To date, Alexis has been able to make enough money to save over $1000 to help pay for college and other activities!

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