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So…what exactly is a “solopreneur”?

The best way to describe a “Solopreneur” is that you work for yourself, create and live your own vision and embody your own brand. You collaborate and form partnerships (and your own personal team) with like-minded solopreneurs. You outsource all the stuff you don’t want to do – and almost everything is automated. Eventually, you can work the hours you choose and the money still keeps rolling in.  And more importantly, “Solopreneur” firms DO grow beyond one person to include more likeminded professionals.

Currently, microbusinesses dominate the industry.

Examples of solopreneurs include the following: 

Hobbyist (jewelry makers, collectors, nature, holistic)

Professionals (accountants, attorneys, architects, engineers, doctors, educators)

Tax preparers

Non profits

Real Estate Agents or (wholesalers or fix & flip)

Insurance Agents

Independent Contractors (service providers, consultants, and business & life coaches)

Online Businesses/Network Marketing


Fund-Managers & Broker-Dealers

Business Brokers

Trades (electricians, operators, landscaping, AC/HVAC, etc)





Wellness & Nutritionist

Physical trainers


Truck Drivers